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“ It was really helpful, liked the way you gave us tips and shared your own experiences! ”


“ I can vouch for Sehar. I've been taking classes with her and she does an excellent job in keeping me on track with my study schedule. She's very professional and I am able to flexibly personalize my time table with her. ”


“ Her explanation was very good, especially the bio chemistry. Try her free session. Higly recommended. ”


“ I took classes from Seher for both NBDE part 1 and part 2 and I cleared both exams in first attempt. Her classes were very helpful for me. She covers all the important topics. Her classes are very customizable ,so one can study at their own time and pace. I will definitely recommend her classes to anyone preparing for NBDE exams ”


“ I took classes (comprehensive package )for NBDE part 1 from Sehreen mam and found it helpful. She guided me well enough that I could unfailingly stick to the schedule she made for me. I found her anatomy classes the most helpful. Thank you for ur guidance and motivation. ”


“ Sehar is truly the best tutor for NBDE! I used her for both Part 1 & 2 and passed both on my first attempt working with her. She is worth every penny! She is very detailed and tells you exactly what to study to pass the exam. I couldn't have passed these exams without Sehar (and I tried). I recommend Sehar to those wanting to pass the exam the first time with confidence! ”

R. Morris

“ I strongly recommend Sahreen Nashi to anyone looking for help with NBDE exams. She is highly professional, dedicated and passionate about what she does.she helped me not only with the study material, and the tricks and tips for how to answer any type of question in my exam but also encouraged me and gave me confidence to appear for the exam and pass it. For me it wasn't possible without her.thanks ”


“ Sehar is the absolute best! I have been unsuccessful at the National Boards part 1 and was at my final attempt. I passed the exam after taking her classes. I took all subjects with Sehar and she makes sure that her students are throughly prepared. She is patient and extremely knowledgable. If you are serious about passing the boards you should not hesitate to utilize her services, I could not recommend her enough! ”


“ I am Zun Aye who took Nbde1 exam in December and passed. I took teacher Sahreen class in November one month before exam .She can teach well all subjects and I improve a lot within one month especially in Biochemistry metabolism chapters and micro biology subjects for many microbes that I already weak in those subjects and also easier to memorize a lot of Anatomy because of her.If I do not have her guidance I am difficult to pass for it .Thanks for guidance to me and see you for part two ”

Zun Aye

“ Sehar (Dentabest) helped me study for my final attempt for the NBDE part 1. Her excellent scheduling, tip techniques, and subject breakdown were 100% the reason that I passed after taking her course! I cannot recommend her tutoring enough!! The comprehensive review was so thorough and detailed and her support and understanding of the material was incredible! I would not have passed were it not for her study help and support! I recommend Sehar to anyone who is looking for help with the boards and I will return to work with her for the Part 2 before my first attempt! ”


“ I am Zun Aye. I am the student of Teacher Sahreen for both part 1and part2 and she is really good at teaching in all of the subjects.In part 1she can really proficient in teaching in difficult part especially biochemistry subject which is most difficult for me and in part 2 she can teach really good in all subjects and her advise ,her lecture notes and her assessment test are really helpful for students in nbde.I pass both part 1 and 2 for first attempt for her support and teaching. I highly recommend for her classes for students of nbde ”

Zun Aye

“ I started self studying for NBDE part 1 in Jan'14 , but I didn't have much idea about the exam pattern n exam questions then I decided to take online classes with Sehar Nashi (dentabest.com) in March 14 ' and I opted for full course . And I took NBDE part 1 in Dec '14 and I cleared it . The online lectures were very helpful to me . She gave me proper guidance . She is a very dedicated teacher . She helped me clear my basics and was always there for me to clear my doubts . Taking (her) regular tests after every subjects helped me boosting my confidence . The best thing about her classes is one can customize the classes . I would definitely recommend her classes to students preparing for NBDE part 1. ”


“ I did a detailed course in Anatomy as well as a refresher course for all the other subjects with Sehar Nashi through dentabest prep course. Sehar is extremely prompt with her class. She does not waste any time in going through the materials and sends extra materials to look over. I would not be able to pass without her help. She made sure I understood the material well. Her review sessions are really helpful and to the point. All the material that we would go over were high yield exam questions. I look forward to working with you on my NBDE part 2 studies. Thank you so much Sehar! I wouldn't have been able to do it without you! ”

Karishma Alibhai

“ I highly recommend to take classes with Sehar Nashi, I took the whole package for the NBDE part 1 and it really helped me. She has well organized lectures to teach you exactly what you need to know for the boards. I was working full time, and I was able to pass my test because she knows what to study so I didn't waste time reviewing all the information out there. She also helped me to stay on schedule and gave me confidence by giving me mock exams before the real test. Practicing her tests for every subject helped me gain more knowledge and manage the stress of the real test. I am taking her classes now for the part. 2, and I am very dedicated to the lectures. I wish I had known about her classes before. ”

Paulina W.

“ After being unsuccessful on my first attempt with the NBDE Part 1, I decided that I would benefit from using a tutor and that is when I found Sehar’s website. I HIGHLY recommend Sehar to help you prepare for and PASS the NBDE Part 1. She made me feel confident, comfortable, and at ease with retaking the exam. Her study program provided me with structure and direction. Sehar knows exactly what someone needs to do in order to pass the exam. After taking her classes and following her program I was able to pass my exam on the second attempt. I am very thankful and grateful for Sehar’s services and she is the perfect help for someone who is struggling to pass or nervous to take the exam! ”

Ashley G.

“ Seher is undoubtedly the best teacher I have had in my life. Her determination, her guidance, her coaching is the only reason I cleared my NBDE part 1. She is so well organised & she knows exactly what has to be learnt for the exam and makes you go through it throughly. Her strict schedule & tests are the only reason I cleared my exam. I haven't met any one in my life who is sooo dedicated to her work & clear about the concept. She provided me with so many materials & her own personal notes, that was extremely helpful. She used the most simple methods & menunomic to help me remember. She specifically tell you what is the most important in each area. She understands each students personal strengths & weakness & approachs each student in special way. Above all this, she is a very warm , friendly & approachable, during the times when I felt low & scared, she called me personally and gave me the courage & confidence that I can do it. I will always be obliged to Seher. I will definitely be going back to her for my NBDE part 2. Thank you so much Seher for all your help. ”

S Abraham

“ I graduated around 6 years back , prepared my self,gave my part 2 twice , but I failed both times with 72., lost my hope, took a break , one day I saw this denta best on Facebook and i decided to start with free trial class, then I started with endodontics which I was weak, after 7 classes felt that I Mastered this subject . I thought lets get started with other subject, then started peadodontics......., finally I stopped with almost 10subjects.i gave my exam , result was PASS. Even though it takes time to complete entire course,, its really worth it , because every body needs finally a PASS. She is very good at understanding student strong and weak points, she always motivated me to go further. She knew the material what student required to clear the boards. She is very punctual , tries very hard to go into students brain. I strongly recommend her who really wants to clear the boards. ”


“I truly recommend you working with Sehar. I met her on Facebook NBDE group and never regretted. I took about 2-months course where she gave me all information in a fast manner for all the topics with personal unique and powerful sources. I love her professional experience and manner to work with me both as with a student and a customer who pays money. I know it’s not little money but compared to your future career it’s nothing. Plus it really worth it! If you’re considering working with Sehar I highly recommend to do it 1.5 month before your exam, also to read and do testing by yourself to gather with Skype-sessions with her. What happened to me was a failure at the first attempt. I got 74 just because I finished my lessons with her 3 weeks before the exam and I lost my motivation and didn’t put as much effort on it as I used to.But then I passed with the second try. I honestly don’t know any more educated dentist and punctual teacher as Sehar. ”

Arkadiy Safarov

“ Excellent tutoring service for NBDE. She is so personable and relates the information that is pertinent to the exam in such a straightforward way you are guaranteed to pass. The confidence that she provides is yet another benefit. 5 star service in every aspect and I would definitely endorse her tutoring service and utilize it again for future exams ”


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